Valor Insurance Network understands how important and critical leads are in order to generate success in your business. Most IMOs will lack the concept of how vital this aspect of the business is. We believe an agent can succeed without leveraging a lead system; however, we also believe in working smarter and not harder!

We leverage the best companies in the industry that will provide an exclusive and qualified lead system. Here are a few of the lead programs we offer:

  • Mortgage Protection
  • Final Expense
  • Debt Free America
  • IUL & Annuities

How Do I Know If I Should Get on a Lead Program?

Are you looking to sell a product to a client? Then you need to get on a lead program! Any agent that requires clients in order to profit and survive will need lead generation. Leads are like the gasoline needed to start a fire. Sure, you don’t “need” gas to start a fire, but it sure makes it a lot faster and easier! Leads do the same thing. They help quick start your business by putting you in front of more clients at a quicker pace, ultimately, creating more profit for you!

Our Partners