What Is the Agent Profit Share Program?

Valor Insurance Network has created an opportunity and platform for agents, agency partners, and team leaders from all over the country to build an income stream while continuing to earn commissions from their personal production.

Unlike most IMO’s, at Valor Insurance Network our goal is to reward those who are actively growing our company by distributing 10% of all our net profit back into our agents. This provides incredible opportunities for agents and agency partners to generate wealth and income diversity outside of their personal production or team.

Who Can Be a Part of The Agent Profit Share Program?

Whether you are a personal producer, or a large agency partner, anyone can be included in the Agent Profit Share Program. We designed this with the intention of valuing the personal producer just as much as the agency partner. We plan to allocate 25% of the profit shares to our top-producers and 75% to the agency partners. The profit shares will be distributed based on the volume of each agent or agency partner that qualifies.

When Do We Disperse Funds?

At the end of each fiscal quarter, we will disperse 10% of our net profit directly back into our agents and agency partners. Funds will be dispersed either by EFT Direct Deposit or by Check. No strings attached! That’s your money, do what you want with it!!

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